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Who is Pipeline?

Pipeline Talent Solutions is a managed service provider (MSP) of contingent workforce services, offering comprehensive solutions that optimize workforce management and drive performance.

We believe that in order to be successful, a business must have a well-managed, high-performance workforce. Sourcing, hiring, and developing the right talent is essential for success, yet difficult to execute, so we provide a service-focused, workforce solution to meet the contingent, contract, and SOW workforce needs of clients from a variety of industries, across the country.

We manage all functions of contingent labor programs, providing our clients with the resources, subject matter expertise, and industry best practices to create a customized MSP that aligns with their corporate mission, vision, and core values.

An MSP is a partner who manages your contingent workforce needs...

To build a competitive advantage, many companies utilize contingent workers, such as consultants, independent contractors, and temporary staff. Though it’s easy to see the value in working with recruitment partners to quickly scale their business based on demand, most lack the necessary staff and expertise to effectively manage their various recruitment partners.

An MSP, such as Pipeline, is the solution to this problem. By managing a company’s contingent workforce, MSPs benefit clients by ensuring that the right recruitment partners are chosen and that workers provided fit the needs of the job perfectly. They act as an unbiased interface between hiring managers and staffing agencies, while also leveraging vendor management systems (VMS) to automate transactions and track performance metrics.

Cost savings, risk mitigation, and more...

Pipeline’s contingent workforce management solutions are designed to manage all contingent workforce activities from sourcing to separation, supporting administrative functions by establishing performance metrics, evaluating vendors, standardizing reporting, and managing day-to-day operations. We offer comprehensive solutions that centralize the management of multiple worker types, such as temporary associates, project-based workers, and independent contractors, offering our clients greater insights into the costs and efficiency of their workforce.

We build strong vendor partnerships and utilize the right technology for each client, providing custom-tailored solutions that utilize real data to provide dynamic information that drives process optimization, provides cost savings and transparency, and mitigates risk.

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